I’d like to recommend Waterclub to a friend – what do I do?

We have a referral scheme – Just simply get your friend or family member to mention your name when they order and you’ll get 1 month of rental for free! Just call our team on 04 340 1717 from 9 am to 9 pm

What is the minimum rental term?

The minimum period for which we will rent a unit is 12 months. That means if you want to exit our plan, we will charge you for the service of unit recollection and disconnection & admin fees of AED 199.- This amount ensures that we can free yourselves from any liability . We will collect the unit and we will make sure it gets disconnected from your Dewa line professionally

Can I get a demo of a Waterclub water filter?

Yes, we offer a demo for table counter models (office or home) for demonstration and if you like the model we’ve shown then simply subscribe or buy it on-the spot!  or any industrial use, we recommend you to book an appointment or visit us in our warehouse in al quoz industrial 1,dubai, ( button click map or address) 

Is the waterclub available for professional use?

Waterclub is the best friend you’ve always needed in your office pantry. It’s also perfect for restaurants, shops, hotels, and more! No more waiting for boilers or long tea runs! It offers instant hot and cold water, meaning you can save time on heating up excess drinking vessels while boosting concentration levels at your desk with quality filtered brews that will leave everyone satisfied–and caffeinated too if desired. 

I’m going on holiday, what should I do with my waterclub water filter?

When you leave for an extended period of time, turn off the water and electricity from your home’s filter to avoid any possible damage. After coming back again make sure that 5 liters are flushed before using it again!

Are there power saving features on my waterclub ?

When it comes to saving energy, all electric waterclub filters are on the ball!  A feature of these devices is that they have a “saving” mode built right in. 

I’m moving house, can I get the waterclub re-installed to my new house?

We’ll be happy to help! If you have our updated annual maintenance plan, Our technician will come out and fix it for free.

How long is my waterclub warranty

Waterclub filters come with a 1 year warranty and guarantee. Before the end of your 12 months, we recommend that you subscribe to our annual maintenance pack (button) for AED 59 per month so your second year will be covered during this time period as well! Your unit is covered under automated Warranty extension till the expiration date of your amc contract. However, your warranty is valid as long as you renew the amc on time! Our team will change or repair your waterclub filter if it was used under proper conditions and please note that Negligence isn’t covered.

Where can I see waterclub water filter

A lot of families are using our products, maybe a friend or family member has one! We also display all models on our website and social media accounts. If you want to witness a live view of our filters, you are more than welcome to visit us in our warehouse located in Al Quoz ind 1 in Dubai  or check our online websites : www.waterclub.ae, www.waterfilterexperts.ae, and www.itsfree.ae. You can also visit our products on different merchant stores: Carrefour, Ace, Muzmword, Noon, Dewa, Etisalat smile, Fazzaa government site. 

How is my waterclub water filter installed and how long will it take?

Our technicians will work with you on every step from start-to-finish. The process takes 15 minutes – 1 hour depending on the configuration and the type of filters you require. An entire villa filtration can take up half a day and it will directly be connected to your water tank or outside at your home roof.

Can I install waterclub myself?

Waterclub does not allow customers to execute the installation process themselves as it is only the technical team that works on site and manages maintenance. This ensures a proper installation, professional execution of workmanship which includes providing warranty. Any alterations or modifications you do to the product will void its warranty and may result in additional cost

I purchased online my waterclub , when will it arrive?

We know how important it is to get your filter installed quickly and without hassle. Our team will confirm the date with you, so that we can schedule an installation time right away! We usually deliver within 72 hours after placing an order if located in Dubai; other cities may take 7 days maximum. For same-day services there’s express delivery available at AED 199. 

How do I know when to change the filters in my waterclub filter?

WATERCLUB offers two types of filters, both with the ability to remove impurities. The carbon filter, which must be replaced every 6 months and UV filter lamps only need replacing once a year. Our team will keep track of all your services and maintenance, as well as reparation if it happens! You can ask for a history report if you want to resell, exchange, or upgrade it into a new model. 

Why do I need to change the filters?

The water in Dubai is safe to drink, but it can still have impurities from old building pipes or unclean tankers that deliver your supply. That’s where filters come into play! It will keep your drinking water pure and clear of contaminants. After 6 months of use they will be saturated with bacteria. That’s why we always recommend changing them out for new ones! It also helps if you do an annual sanitization process too – this prolongs the lifespan on any filter. 

What do the filters do?

Waterclub’s filters will purify your tap water using a multi-stage filtration system ( up to 5  stages: PP+CTO+UDF+T33+UF)  and then deliver it directly into the cup or glass, boiling or chilled. The WATERCLUB’s advanced technology utilizes carbon block filter cartridges that remove chlorine to make sure you’re getting great tasting bottled waters at any time!

Does waterclub filters come with a child lock for hot water?

We know you want to protect those little hands so all the waterclub table counter hot and cold models have a child lock.

How cold is the water when it is dispensed?

For cold units you can expect a range from 6 degrees Celsius. But it will vary depending on what kind of climate or season.

How hot is the water when it is dispensed?

The hot table top models are designed to deliver water up to 98 degrees, and that’s why all of them have a child lock button.

How often do I need to clean/descale/ sanitize my waterclub

Your waterclub filter will last longer if you opt for sanitization service every 6 months. Our technical team can also help make this process easier.


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