About Us

Waterclub is a team of multi-cultural enthusiast individuals who are committed to preserving the planet and offering you an easier way to drink water.

By choosing Waterclub water filters, not only will you save money but also help protect our environment for future generations !

Our Company Culture

Our Mission (What do we do?)
We provide top quality, cost-effective drinking water filters for home or office 

Our Purpose (Why are we doing it?)
We believe that pure drinking water should not be seen as a luxury. This means we want to help make sure everyone can access it, without harming our planet in the process. 

Our Values (What matters most to us?)
Waterclub is all about saving the planet and your wallet! We offer you a way to be environmentally friendly without sacrificing quality by using Waterclub water filters!

We value people
We are a company that believes in the power of people. We value our employees and work hard to create an environment where they can thrive, both professionally as well personally

We value accountability
We are responsible of the execution and quality of our work. We believe in team work and we always help each other. We believe that 9 to 6 is not the only time to make it happen.

We value service
Client satisfaction is our priority and we aim to deliver a top-notch customer service from start (on time) through finish with proper dress code and hygiene standards in mind – all while having an awesome attitude. 

We value learning
We all have a passion for learning and sharing that passion with others. We’re constantly trying to be one-step ahead of new technology, which means our job is not just about working outside but also inside the company as well. 

We value optimism
Life’s not always easy, but we refuse to let the little challenges get in our way. When problems arise between us and our colleagues or clients they’re solved with communication rather because that’s what helps most people through tough times!

Our Principles

We believe that as an organization, we think as one. We respect each other and our company’s policy and promote a culture of teamwork by working hard together by putting the customer first and foremost in everything we do.  We never take away what you need, but rather find a way to give it to you!

Honesty is at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in being honest and upfront with our company, our customers, and each other. We always take responsibility for our mistakes because it’s important for us to be able to learn from them so we can do better next time. 

“WE” before me means we’re all in this together. We are a family, and we always back each other up. We treat each other equally and  communicate with our team members to make sure they have what’s best for the company in mind.

We are a company that has the willingness to learn and grow together. We know how to work together and can adjust in any situation with ease because of our strong character traits like patience!

We are a team that gets things done. Whether it’s our own tasks or those of others. We commit to it and take responsibility and accountability all the way through every step. We always do what we say and never make excuses. 

We are all about positivity, We never give up, even when things get rough; instead, taking every negative situation as an opportunity to grow from the experience together. We work with heart & care to create a harmonious workplace culture. 


Our technical team is operating 7 days a week from 9am to 9 pm
To book a service please contact 04 340 1717

More than 3000 families in UAE use our products.
Be one of them!

We Also donate AED 10 for every waterclub filter sale, to Water.org

Company Location

Collector Filters & Purification Devices Trading LLC
Al Quoz Industrial 1st

Business Hours
9am to 9pm 7 days a week

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Office: 04 340 1717,
Whats app & mobile: 050 315 84 64