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WaterClub - Pronto - BlackWaterClub - Pronto - Black

WaterClub Pronto - Black

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3999 AED

Product Info

Hot and cold water dispenser.

TheWaterClub Pronto is an economical water dispenser best suited for home use or small offices.
The Pronto edition comes in four different colours: white, black, grey and red to blend in with any environment.
It features an aesthetically pleasing, sleek design that will add a modern feel to any kitchen design.
It utilises micro filter technology and a silver impregnated carbon block to deliver pure, filtered water at the touch of a button.
It dispenses 5 litres of chilled water and 12 litres of hot water per hour.
In addition to providing healthy, clean water, the PRONTO is 100% eco-friendly.


Electrical Specification
Voltage: 230 Volts
Frequency: 50 Herts
Power rating: 1,000 Watts
Current Rating: 5.8 Amps

Heating System
Hot tank volume: 1.5 Litres
Power Rating: 900 Watts
Hot water capacity: 10 Litres / hour*
Hot water temperature: Maximum 97°C

Chilling System
Cold tank volume: 1.5 Litres
Power rating: 120 Watts
Cooling current: 0.8 Amps
Cold water capacity: 3 Litres / hour*
Cold water temperature: Minimum 5°C

Inlet Water Pressure
Minimum - Maximum: l BAR (14.5psi) - 6 BARS(87psi)
Dimensions (mm: 375 X 350 D X 320 W
Weight (dry): 14 Kgs

Purifying System
Filtering Rate of Carbon filter: 0.5 micron
Power of UV sterilizer lamp: 11 W

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