WaterClub Pitcher
WaterClub Pitcher

Waterclub Pitcher

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It can reduce:
- Impurities, such as sediment
- Scale, heavy metals, such as lead and copper
- Taste and odor cause by substances such as chlorine and chloramine

Technical parameters:

- Water filtration rate: 0.25 L/min
- Filter rated net quantity: 150 L
- Job stress: 0 ~ 0.1 Mpa
- Water temperature: 5 ~ 40 ℃
- Scope of application: filteration of tap water from Public utility sources.


1. When using, please wait for the water filtering process to be completed before poring.
2. Please keep kettle in dry place and avoid sunlight.
3. Please do not filter water with temperature higher than 40 ℃.
4. Regular cleaning of kettle is recommended.

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