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Can filtered water reduce your risk of cancer?

The internet is rife with scare-mongering misinformation about water and cancer prevention. Search results include claims that drinking cold or fluoridated water and plastic bottles can cause cancer, none of which have been scientifically proven.

However, the quality of your water can make a significant impact on your health and risk of getting cancer. Research done over the years seems to indicate that there is a link between environmental toxins and cancer. In addition to these pollutants, smoking, alcohol consumption, an inactive lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits can all contribute toward the accumulation of toxins in your system. This means that our habits and standards of living also contributes to the risk of contracting cancer.

To emphasise the importance of drinking purified H2O, research has shown that municipal tap water may not be as clean as it should be. Consuming water that’s contaminated with chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria or industrial waste by-products can significantly increase your risk of developing cancer, as these toxins build up in your system over time. If you’ve already been diagnosed with cancer, the quality of your drinking water becomes even more important. This is because your immune system is weakened by the treatment, particularly chemotherapy, which means even the tiniest amount of bacteria can have dire consequences. One of the side effects of these treatments include dehydration, making it vital to drink adequate amounts of purified water to stay hydrated and flush out harmful toxins.

There is no conclusive evidence that proves drinking purified water will prevent you from getting cancer, but it can clean and help detoxify your body. Investing in a good quality water filtration and cooling system will not only provide you with a refreshing beverage, but also prevent any harmful contaminants from affecting your health.

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