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Why you should drink cold water during exercise

Consumption of cold beverages during prolonged exercise in the heat improves body temperature and performance.

It is well known that exercising in hot environments can increase core body temperature especially if the body is dehydrated.

An elevated core temperature can significantly impede performance. It has been reported to affect cognitive ability, elevate sympathetic nervous system activity, increase central fatigue, and ultimately lead to heat stroke if left untreated. In short, exercising in the heat for long periods can negatively impact performance. Therefore, maintaining a normal body temperature of 37°C, and keeping hydrated during training is important for a successful workout. Studies have shown that drinking cold beverages is beneficial, resulting in a significant improvement of endurance exercise performance in hot and humid conditions. In one study, drinking a cold beverage before and during exercise in the heat reduced physiological strain (reduced heat accumulation) during exercise, leading to improved endurance capacity of almost 23%.

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